Our family was one of the first settlers to arrive in the Elgin area dating back to the 1700’s.  Our great-grandfather received land grants. At that time there were natives who were very familiar with the art of making maple syrup.  Legend says: in the early days, the natives discovered maple syrup by accident. It has been told that one spring a brave native threw his ax into a maple tree located near their fire pit. While the women were cooking on an open fire, the heat from the fire started the sap dripping from the tree, down the axe handle and into their pots. This made their meal very sweet, so they collected this “sweet sap” in larger amounts and boiled it into a sweet thick syrup.  Similarly, our great-grandfather made maple syrup in large iron pots over an open fire, using wooden spills in small drill holes in the maple trees.

MuralOur grandfather was one of the first in the area to construct a building, as well as using a new method of extracting the water with an evaporator.  He advanced from wooden spills to steel spills, and collected the sap with horse and sleigh.  Our father carried on the tradition. He used more modern equipment such as corrugated evaporators, lids on cans, and plastic pipe which ran from one tan house to the main camp. With our father we expanded using pipeline to all trees, vacuum pumps, reverse osmosis machines and forced air evaporators. The tradition continues with our son. He helped to develop a WORLD CLASS LINE OF NATURAL PRODUCTS that are sold world wide.

Our “Natural Original Canadian Maple Taste Syrup” continues this tradition, as an award winning product that was hailed as a breakthrough in Maple Syrup technology.  This special formulation consists of the same natural ingredient breakdown as maple sap, but is much more consistent in taste, color and aroma.  With our unique process, Original Canadian Syrup brings the highest quality with no additives or preservatives, allowing you to use it exactly like traditional maple syrup at a significant cost savings. The “Original Canadian”, A natural choice from the Steeves family to yours!

Steeves Maples - Canadian Maple Syrup